Saturday, May 30, 2009


2 chocolate lovers and I were on our way to one chocolate lover's whereabouts to get the Kitkat that he offered to share with us. I was busy thinking about thing-ama-jigz when they began discussing about how they prefer not so expensive chocolates like Kitkat to Cadbury or Ferrero. They both agreed that Kitkat tastes so much better than the latter two. They also mentioned many other chocolate brands under Kitkat's category which primarily refers to the ones that are inexpensive and incheap(if such a term exists, which i doubt.haha) at the same time like Hershey's, etc. In short, they're fans of the medium priced brown colored delights.

I don't know what got into me that made me say " Alam nyo pnkafavorite kong chocolate? FLAT TOPS. As in."

Then they began laughing and commented like
"ang mura mo palang ligawan"
" bka gusto mo rin ng serg, or ung mga bilog bilog na tigpipiso."
"ano ba nman yan, mga mumurahin?"
"tsaka ung chocolate coins"
"o di kaya Goya. gusto mo rin ng Goya noh?"

Maybe I flushed a little but of course I didn't see it. I so wanted to elaborate how flat tops mean to me but I opted to save myself from further embarrassment. I wasn't ashamed that I love Flat Tops because I really do. They're like the best chocolate pieces that have been invented minus the sky-high price and glamorous label. But the fact that they see it as cheap and unworthy of notice makes it, uhm, yeah, embarrassing. I just kept silent and smiled and they went on.

You might find it cheap too. But I don't care.
I also love Cadbury. I love Hershey's kisses and bars. I love Merci. I love Toblerone. I love Lindt. I love chocolates (and ice cream).
I love it dark or milky. Not white. No nuts and whatsoevers. No toffee or caramel. No other flavors like curry, or paprika, or chilli. (they're weird but they do exist).
but, however, nevertheless, my most love kind is still the one wrapped in orange stripes plastic and a piece of foil that can be bought almost anywhere in the Philippines - RICOA FLAT TOPS.

I like its texture which is very slightly sandy, its sweetness and the fact that I can eat it wherever and whenever I want to.
When I was in high school, a P9.50 pack of it was a resident in my bag and three pieces of it in my pocket.
In college, my food locker is useless without the bigger pack of flat tops in it.
Now, i'm still addicted to it even though it sells p2.00 a piece already. (twas only piso a piece back then)

yeah, it's mumurahin but it makes me smile=)

Friday, May 29, 2009

angelie, anyone?

I've always thought that having a name that 19.7% of the total female population own is so not cool. But I discovered yesterday that it being not cool is in fact an underestimation. As far as the past week is concerned, I do not only find it uncool. It's also a temper wrecker and a paranoia-trigger.

Rumors have been going through the ears and mouths of just about half of the trainees in the hospital where I'm also having my duty as one. We have about 10 batches (more or less 400 trainees) currently on deck. About 5 batches in am, and 5 in pm with three trainees from each batch per unit. The cheesy information that has spread faster than the h1n1 virus has goes like this:

" Alam nyo bah, sa
Ehem Unit, may pabibo daw. Bossy daw sa ibang trainees. feeling senior."
" ah talaga?ano'ng name?anong batch?"
" Di ko alam kung anong batch eh"
" ano'ng shift?"
" di ko rin alam eh. bastah ahn-je-li daw ung name"
" ay gnun?"

Of course, I wasn't aware of it at first because my mother happened to register me in the local registry as THEA ANGELIE D. BRAGA sometime in 1986. How in hell would the people tell me when I probably be the one they're talking about?

Then a colleague from the same unit where I'm in, also bewildered by this chism, approached me last wednesday. She speaks Bisaya so we kind of had a very good chance to talk about anything without the others knowing what we're chismising about. She started our conversation like this (in Bisaya):

"Gel, diba geli tlga twag sayo dito?"
"yup. bket?"
"may nkakakilala ba sa'yo as angelie?"
"oo. marami.bkit?"
"kc ung kbatch ko, narinig si *toot* sa elevator. sabi nya, naiinis daw tlga xa ke AHNJ. eh d nya alam, may kbatch ako dun n ksama nya. eh diba ako lang nman ung ANG(pronounced as ang as in ang tv. ang tao) dito?"
"eh anj ung sbi nya so di tayo sure kung sno kc preho tayong angelie."
" pero feeling ko ako kc d kme close ni *toot*"
" eh d rin kaya kme close."
" xa lang ata ung d close saten lhat dibah?"
" bka nman nhihiya lang mkijoin"
" dko rin alam. bhala xa. bstah wala akong gnwa sa knya"
" bka nga hndi ikaw"
" ewan ko. kc ang sabi anj eh."
"eh d ka nman anj eh, ang ka."
"eh bka d nya alam pano pgpronounce"
"hay.kalimutan na lng muna ntin. mwawala dn yan"

I just shrugged the idea off for some reason until our post conference happened. A batchmate told me about the rumors that she heard in their unit. She was the one who heard the "alam nyo ba?" conversation above. She said she hesitated to inform me because she was afraid. Judging from her statement, I knew she was pretty sure that i was the subject of these blahblahs. I can't blame her, i'm the only angelie that she knows. I can't blame my batchmates either coz I'm the only angelie that they know. To make the matters more exciting, my name is angelie and I go on duty five days a week in Ehem Unit.

When I returned to the unit, I told Ang that it might be me. And then we thought about it and realized that in fact there are four of us in the unit bearing this very COMMON name. One in AM shift and three in PM shift.

First name: Thea Angelie
Name written in my name badge slash ID: "GELI"
batch : 12

First name: Angeli
Name written in her name badge: "ANG"
batch: **

first name: Angelica
name written in her name badge: "SHINE"
batch: $$


first name: Anjeli
name written in her name badge: "ANJELI"
batch: &&

I know I'm not supposed to be heavyhearted coz I really have this great working and friendly relationship with most of my co-trainees (except for a very few). If I'm bossy or whatsoever, I'm pretty sure they won't be laughing or telling crazy stories with me , or grabbing me for dinner or telling me that they want to be my buddy (modesty aside). The thought of me having a really great deal of time with them reduces my worries but the fact that my name is ANGELIE still makes me wonder if I'm the one that these people are talking about or if these people I consider friends have two faces. hay..

Whatever, whether they do or they don't, I still love being with them and I'd continue enjoying what we're doing everyday: having fun while on duty.

*ehem unit - a general unit with 15 trainees from 5 different batches
* toot - a gurl from a batch who's also in ehem unit.

Monday, May 25, 2009

high noon

from jelai of my deviation

from pope of palipasan

wow. it feels like centuries since my last post. I have lotsa things going on inside this minute brain of mine and i hopei could spill em all out on this one but I doubt if I could do that so I might just tell you some of them: only the few that I can actually write about.

first of all, I miss you guyz!!! as in super duper miss you..(especially you..hehe)

second, I wanna thank jelai and pope for the awards.. wow nman.. touched ako.
pwede rin pla akong mkareceive ng award.hehe. before, I only see these awards on your pages. now, i have two!!!! as in T-W-O!!!!!!! can you believe that?twoooo..hehe.
But it's not only for these awards that I should be thanking both of you. You also deserve to be recognized for the influences you had on me through this blog.
jelai: for my dose of your daily quirks, stories, young love life dilemmas and reality checks. (not to mention the greetings that you give to everyone everyday)
pope: for the enlightening and inspiring words you put on your posts and your comments. (lemme ask you though, how do you come up with those ideas?you talk like you've really been to a wide array of deep shit in different intensities and categories, hope not.)

third, I haven't talked to Sir Abner (the man behind an indecent mind) for quite some time so during the past week when i was being stomped on by the laborers of the problem factory, I was close to breakin really hard. ugh. The absence of his pseudobrotherly words has totally crippled me. It's not like I can't solve my problems on my own. of course I can, you dork. I just find it better if I hear more mature views from seemingly mature persons on not-so-good things happening to me. hearing it from another person makes the pieces of advice more credible than hearing it from my own blabbermouth. ok. so I guess i better check him/you out before every remaining good thing turns me down.

fourth, I have already made plans on my davao trip come first week of June. It's just so disappointing that it might not push through. Our medical examinations, vaccinations and what-not's are scheduled that week. hayz. now tell me, how in hell could I go home and enjoy the lush of white sand, crystal blue waters and yummy food in Davao when I would be right here sticking my vein out to the medtech, opening my eyes wide for the optometrist and ophthalmologist, enduring the needlestick pain, and worrying if the results would come out fine?!! tell me!!!!!grhh.

fifth, a good friend of mine whose nickname happens to be ghel (the same as mine except that mine has no "H" and has ikoi at the end of it) has broken up with her boyfriend. Uhm, no. lemme correct that. It's the other way around. Her boyfriend dropped the famous "it's not you, it's me" line 2 nights ago. I feel sorry for her because she's really a jewel and dumping her like that is just so wrong a decision. I so wanted to comfort her but how? When my pitiful self couldn't even straighten up my crooked moving on tactics? It's been like a year since my ex and I broke up but until now, the pain still lingers. hay. She badly needs a shoulder to cry on but I'm afraid it cannot be my shoulder or else she'll end up like me and I don't want that to happen.

sixth, it's already 12:05 and i haven't taken my bath yet and I'm supposed to leave the house at 1:00pm. Good Lord. I'm having a bad feeling that i'll be superwomaning my way to the hospital again. ugh.
bye guys. be back sometime this week.

Friday, May 15, 2009

foolish juan

Moron 1: Pare, bakit wala kaming pagkain? Ano ba nman yan. Di kayo sumusunod sa usapan. Gutom na kami..(galit at gutom)
Moron 2: Pre, hndi nyo yata naiintindihan. pag300 may ksamang packed lunch. pag 350 wala. (inis at pagod)

I was inside the van with my window half open. Red, black and white banners were hung on the fences screaming the whims of the Filipino people: OUSTER OF PGMA. People wearing white and red shirts scattered themselves in the outskirts of the Congress. Policemen were busy screening every Juan who enters the area, ready to fight back when something untoward occurs. Vehicles without HOR stickers were screened as well. The noise was deafening. There was an atmosphere of fury, hunger and utter selfishness.

The dialogue above was from a scene that I witnessed while we were entering the House of Representatives sometime last year. Even years before I heard that, I already had an idea how our political system works, in its real light that is. But it never occured to me that they could get as careless as that.
It doesn't take a Nobel Prize winner to conclude that we're all victims of deceit in the country that we call ours. These people that we see on television shouting for change, carrying demeaning caricatures of politicians that they want to unseat, crying for passing of bills, angry for low wages, impatient for implementation of cheaper medicines act and showing sympathy for the seemingly underdogs who are under crossfire, are, like many of us, employees. Yes, they are employess except that they are not being paid to submit reports, to inject antibiotics, to answer calls, to take orders, to mix cement and sand, to design buildings nor to teach 4th graders. They receive 300-450 pesos a day to wear graphic shirts with harsh words attacking the president, the vice president, a senator or a solon or to convey support for whistle blowers or heroes they call their own or corrupt officials that undergo investigation. Easy money, huh?!! Disappointing.

When I was still young and ignorant, a teacher in high school told us that these people are heroes because they're willing to stand under the scorching heat of the sun in order for their voices to be heard. Being the naive that I was, I believed what my teacher had said and sympathized for these people, the people who want change.
I wondered how'd they live if all they do is just stand there and shout and throw stones and fight the policemen.They're willing to go home unpaid and bruised just so they could tap the government to listen to what they want. Their love for the country must be really great for them to sacricfice that much. That was then, when the "VOICE OF THE PEOPLE" was till genuine.
But now? To me,these activists, they're heroes no more. Everyone's using everyone. It's simple arithmetic. Big men pay them to shout for his own desires. The paid men in return would rather shout and be foolish than stay hungry. And the others? Well, they just watch and listen.
We're hopeless.

* This does not refer to all the Juans who shout in the streets. I spare those who really want change, not just easy money.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

please don't vote these people

I see election.
I smell election.
I breathe election.

Posters of posers are hung everywhere. They're all showing their chiclet-white teeth in tarpaulins using the spirit of christmas, new year, graduation, holy week, and many other occasions.
TV is colonized by aspiring presidents and senators and Pete knows what other positions are for grabs on May 2010. They're good at it-campaigning. Utilizing the best technologies to reach every Juan. Coming up with acronyms of their names that are evidently pointless. ugh.
Someone thinks he can tricycle his way to presidency. Portraying a god-like persona, he promises the young hopefuls that he could help them become a celebrity and a seaman. Oh, so he could really help everyone reach his dream? My dream is to become the next president, could he help me achieve that? I don't think so.
He keeps on bugging the people to wake the seemingly sleeping government. Stupid. Did he forget that he's part of 'em? What is he there for anyway? To make grand marriage proposals on national and semi international television? He takes advantage of the people's naivete. Rides on the anger of the mass that wants change. Trying to give hope to those who want it. Yeah right, like he's really the one who could solve our national problems when all he does is keep himself visible to the public, spending too much on airtime fees.
He can give me 1 million cash and I won't still vote him. He's just so fake.

Next comes the orange guy-saving OFWs and mudprinting a hand on his orange polo shirt to gain people's trust. They asked these ofws to tell the people that they saved them. Well they better should coz it's their duty to uphold the welfare of the filipino people. It's not like we owe them that coz they're paid millions of pesos to do their work.

We're a year away from voting day but they've already spent huge amounts of money to campaign. Faces of politicians are on every corner. Wherever you look at, you could catch a glimpse of a bruhita and bruhito. We're paying it for them and after election they're gonna collect payments from us again. I pity the people who know nothing about its effects on us. I pity the people who believe that they could save us from utter disgrace. I pity the people who'd cast votes on their favor. I pity them. I pity us. I pity our country.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

this is so not me..

Halfway through the 6th episode of One Tree Hill Season 5, buzz, buzz my phone went..

"Thank you very much gel for being such a good and responsible daughter. Always remember that I and your father will always be here for you and your siblings. We will always love you."

...tears rolled down my cheeks.
I miss my mommah...

Friday, May 8, 2009

so i won't hesitate no more, no more, it cannot wait, I'M BORED...

What do lunatics do when they're bored?
Generally, they just utilize the overrated finger-fiddling as their minds get busy searching for activities to while their time. It's pointless actually but it's way better than doing nothing at all. Well, they can doze off. But for insomniacs, it's just not so good a choice. They'd just think about the hundred and twenty one reasons why they cannot sleep so they pretty much end up awake still (although they had their eyes closed).

Anyhow, I know one lunatic and she's facing the abovementioned dilemma: BOREDOM.
She totally knew it was coming because of the precedent events the occurred (you know, everyone leaving her and all that comes with it). Too bad, she hadn't have the decency to look for solutions even though she admitted that SHE KNEW IT WAS COMING. As a result, she's goin nuts and these are the random actions that she pulled to make it appear like she's really doing something that's worth her while:

a. turned on the pc, checked her blog and swore on seeing her page exactly in the same state as she left it last night. yeah. nothing new. no new comment. no new words on the cbox. GOOD. PRETTY GOOD. then *sighed*

b. googled her favorite video. the one that she watched and sang along with for over a thousand times already. in case you'd ask, yes, she hasn't bookmarked it yet but she's definitely gonna do it later coz she finally realized that it's inconvenient to google the same pages over and over and over again.

c. she opened her blogger dashboard while her video is playing, clicked "new post" and after seconds of internalization, closed her tab.

d. checked her friendster, added a friend, replied to some messages and closed the tab.

e. went downstairs, opened the fridge and the freezer, got disappointed with what she saw (everything was raw), and went upstairs.

f. went downstairs again after realizing that there might be ready to eat food somewhere else, checked the cracker compartment, grabbed minibuiscuits, munched them up, flushed them with water, wiped the wet sides of her mouth with her forearm and went upstairs again.

g. googled one tree hill season five and watched 4 episodes.

h. checked her facebook and disappointingly found out that there was nothing new there except for the updates of what her friends had been playing during the night.

i. turned on the tv just to see that there's nothing there that she wants to watch.

j. checked her blog again, got surprised that somebody had the hearts to visit and leave footprints, delighted with what appeared on her page, got inspired on faux pope's advice and decided to click "new post". this time she forced herself not to close the tab. she's currently working on "j." part of her entry and finds out that this lunatic happens to be me. Oh. i'm surprised!=)

I'm sorry if this is the only thing that I can come up with today. My mind's not working: its screws are a bit loose, its spare parts are everywhere, the oil had completely dried up, it's a total mess. So forgive me if i wasted your time. I promise to write something better on..uhm... June.hehe.
Godblessyou guys.


heffa hapee weekend!!!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

solitary mode

Everybody's leaving me behind.
Cheeno left for Oxford last Saturday and won't be back til June.
Tita and Tito went to Davao last Monday.
Keana, Krisha and Loren followed them.
Lola is also leaving tomorrow.

Technically, I'm a dead meat at this very moment.
I'm all alone except for the Ates and Kuyas that take care of the house.
Silence just killed me. ( but somehow spared me the benefit of being able to write a blog)

Tomorrow is Kristel's (a good friend of mine) flight. She's leaving the metro for good.
I'm going to miss our KFC moments.awwww..
On Saturday morning is Norie's, Thessa's and Chin's flight (three good friends of mine). It'd be long before I'll have uber gala again. They'll be back after a week or so but they won't be staying long. After a day or two, they'll also leave the Republic of the Philippines area of responsibility to earn five times the amount of the staff nurse's salary here.

To cut the story short, before the sun rises on Saturday (as if it will coz im pretty sure it won't coz it's typhoon era already), I'm a double-dead meat. Hay. I wish I have the power to dobolize my body so that I can leave my clone at work while I enjoy the stormless beauty of Davao with my family and friends. ugh.

Good thing I have this blog to keep me company.=) and you guyz to keep me crackin..=)

heffa very fantabulous evenin!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


this is from jelai..
thanks gurl for the tag, before this, i was thinking of posting a new ranting but my mind went blank.
now, there's something fresh
here are the rules:

a.)magsulat ng kung ano - ano sa labinlimang tao
b.)hindi mo dapat sabihin kung sino ang labinlimang tao
c.)kung mayroon magtanong tungkol sa kanila, di mo dapat sasabihin
d.)mag-tag ng labinlimang tao rin na sa palagay mo ay gagawa nito(pero hindi mo i-tag ung taong nasambit mo sa laro)

you 1: u gave me strength when I was weak. u were my words when I couldn't speak. u were my eyes when I couldn't see. u saw the best there was in me. lifted me up when i couldn't reach. u gave me faith cause u believed. I'm everything I am because u love me.

you 2: I hate you for being stupid. You could do better, we both know it. Why did you sell yourself short. YOU FREAKIN DESERVE A LOVING BOYFRIEND!!!!

you 3: Thank you for spending 20 years of your life with me, for having fun moments with me, for driving me to and from places, for singing with me, for cooking delicious foods, for playing with me, and for being there for me no matter what happens. I love you.

you 4: you are my idol. but before that happened, I actually accused God as being unfair. You have an array of amazing talents and I have none. But since you're absofreakinlutely good, I've decided not to make a fuss about it instead. Idolizing you is way better. btw, I'm not accusing God anymore. I already apologized for that=)

you 5: you, who are so good in english. i wish you'd teach me how to come up with a 3-paragraph article without spending 57 hours on the computer. i love the way you speak, the way you organize your thoughts, your spontaneity, your choice of words, your overall english-related skills.

you 6: why do you love annoying me?i want you to know, coz i'm pretty sure that you haven't realized it yet, that you've already gone beyond the bounds. I tried to be cool with it before, but you're not funny anymore. you also have to be sensitive to others.

you 7: you are such a wonderful friend. i never thought we could get along really well with each other. thank you for the favors. thank you for listening to my sentiments. thank you for not going to the pantry ahead of me every lunch time. you're an angel inside and out.

you 8: i'll tell you the same words that i said to number 7 coz you're both doing the same things to me. Nobody's gonna know who's 7 and who's 8 anyway. i love you both.

you 9: I am sorry if haven't been keeping in touch with you lately. I just feel so guilty for everything that happened. I know that you're cool with it coz you pretty much handle everything very well. I'm trying to condition my mind that it's bygone already but nothing happens. I still feel that i owe you a lot and i cannot pretend like nothing happened.

you 10: jerk.

you 11: i look forward to seeing you on the second week of May. your baby is so cute and I'm very glad that you've chosen me to be one of her godmothers. yahooooo.

you 12: I like you for being so strong. You've been through hell a coupla times but you managed to come out just fine. i know you're happy now. i wish you'd continue being one forever. your smile looks really awesome on you. please do me a favor by using that every minute of the day eventhough we hardly see each other. i miss you and your kid.

you 13: i barely know you but really are great in making me laugh..=) thank you for making me forget about my worries.

you 14: YOU ARE SO COOL. you knocked the whiteman out on the second round.lawl.

you 15: (group,hehe) i miss all of you. I wouldn't be the gelikoi that i am now without you guyz. you painted my world with beautiful colors. wish i could see u soon and we'd bring back the good ole times again. take care of your health, I don't want any of you sick when i get there sometime this year.

I cannot tag anyone. lawl. just grabbit if you feel like doing.

Monday, May 4, 2009

i think i know why i'm single

juan: Ano nga ulit favorite food mo?Nasabi mo na yun sakin eh.
juana: Secret..hehe

juan: Ok. Cge, san mo gustong kumain?
juana: ikaw na bahala, kahit anong food naman ok lng sakin.

sa harap ng counter...
juan: Ako na.
juana: Hindi. easy ka lng. I'll pay for my own. d ako nagpapalibre khit tanong mo pa sa mga friends ko.hehe.kaya wag mo nang ipilit.
juan: Ok cge. ano sayo?
juana: ikaw na muna. sunod nlang ako..
juan: ayaw tlga magpalibre oh.
juana: hehehe.peace.

sa table..
juan: sayo na yung sunny side up ha?
juana: (confused) ?$^$%? ay oo nga pla allergic ka sa poultry. cge lagay mo lng jan (pointing sa hot plate ni juana.)

juan: andami namang grasa nito. pati kanin puro grasa. (ung food sizzling with java rice)
juana: (smile lng ng smile habang ineenjoy ung food khit mgrasa)

juan: (biglang nilagay ung spoon and fork sa plato, magkatabi, prang 4:20 sa relo)
(ung plato may rice pa and ulam)
(nagtanong tungkol sa surgery, kung ano ung role ng nurse dun)
juana: (lumunok tas sumagot) ahm..depende.ung scrub nurse naghahand ng instruments tska ngbibilang ng instruments. minsan ng aassist sa pagretract ng tissues. ung circulating nurse, ngtatake note ng mga nangyayri during the operation. tsaka ngpprovide ng mga kailangan sa operation.
juan: (nagkwento tungkol sa surgery nya na nangyari 2 years ago)
juana: (kain pa rin ng kain habang nakikinig sa kwento sabay tango ng tango)

juan: sarap mo tlga kumain noh?nkita ko sa friendster.
juana: onga eh. tanga ako. mraming nakakalimutan pero pagdating sa food, ay nkuh. never.
ung tipoing after breakfast eh ilang oras lng lumipas, gutom na nman.

juana: (careless, muntik ng mtapon ung gravy sa duty uniform)
juan: inaalagaan tlga ang white noh? kami din kc nkwhite eh. ung mga ksama ko, pnapahid lng nila sa uniform nila ung kamay nila na marumi. (culinary arts, ehem). ung sakin hinuhugasan ko tlga at pinapaair dry pra kung kelngan humarap sa customer pra icheck ung food, eh malinis prin ako. ayoko tlga kasi ng marumi at burara. ung mga babae nga hnhiram ung towel ko, dko pnapahiram at bka mrumihan. personal kc un eh. (towel: part ng uniform nla)
juana: (nagdadasal na sana wala akong kelngan kunin sa bag at bka mkita nya ang mga nagtumbling tumbling kong gamit)

juan: ano masarap na dessert?
juana: ICE CREAM. (walang second thoughts un. answer by instinct.)
juan: ay oo. ice cream nga pla favorite mo. alam ko kasi pano gawin un eh (course: culinary arts). mraming egg yolk and dairy products.
juana: onga. mcholesterol pero i can't live without ice cream.hehe.araw araw dpat may ice cream.
juan: mcholesterol nga.
juana: oo. pero nsanay na kc ako eh. kulang ang araw kung walang fresh milk tska ice cream.

juan: pero nag eexercise ka (nggygym c juan)?
juana: hah?hehe.hndi. tamad ksi ako eh. minsan ng lalakad lakad and nagbibike pero not to lose weight but to enjoy myself. (naubos na ung food at nka4:20 narin ang spoon and fork)
juan: (hndi ko na alam kung ano iniicp nya kc nweweirduhan na cguro xa sken)?$##@%^@?

juan: cge ice cream na lang tayo
juana: nag ice cream nako ng lunch.
juan: cge na.
juana: ok.

sa fic..
juan: ako na (bayad)
juana: hndi (inabot ung pera sa icecream woman ng fic)
juan: ayaw tlga oh.
juana: ate, ung rocky road saken. bat iba ung cone nyo dto? ung fic sa hospital mas malaki?hehe.
icecream woman: (nagexplain2.)
juana: ah (wala nmang narining kc nkafocus sa mga nuts and mallows na nsa rocky road )
juan: yan nlang din saken
juana: thanks po ate.

nung paubos na ang ice cream:
juan: tagal ko ng d nkakain ng ice cream ah. alam ko kc kung pano gngwa eh. daming egg yolks (facial experssion: nandidiri sa cholesterol na nsa egg yolk)
juana: (nag eenjoy sa ice cream. nksmile lang.)
juan: ayaw mo ng cone?
juana: yoko na. wala ng ice cream eh.
juan: ano na ggwin natin?gstpo mo magmovie?
juana: hah?may duty pako bukas. adik ka bah?
juan: eh ano gagawin natin. ano bang nsa taas?
juana: uhm timezone?
juan: d kc ako ngtitimezone eh.mhilig kba dun?
juana: tsaka ung drums.
juan: ahh..hanggang what tim ka ba pwede?
juana: ahm uwi nako any minute. late na kc eh.
juan: ah ok. hatid na kita.
juana: ngek wag na. adik ka tlga. ang layo nung samin. super layo.
juan: kahit sa sakayan lng.
juana: ikaw bahala. pero bka mhassle kapa. ok nako.
juan: hndi, hatid na kita.
juana: mejo mlayo kc ung lalakarin eh dto kna sasakay so babalik kapa.
juan: san bah?
juana: 2 corners away.
juan. khit sa baba nlng
juana: ok cge.

juana: (via sms) nice meeting u.thanks.
juan: (reply) kaw din. ingat.

just got home from that pseudodate that I just had. My batchmates SOOOO wanted me to have a bf of my own coz almost all of them have gotten their better halves. As a result, they paired me up with JUAN(I cannot mention the real name unless I want my head stewed with potatoes and carrots and served on a very expensive chinaware).
and that's what happened.

Now I know why I can't get myself a boyfriend.
Shame on me.

well. I just made a fool out of myself.