Wednesday, November 9, 2011

colouring your hair the sharourah way

one of my friends needed to have her hair colored a bit brownish but since there's nothing like David's here, they decided to make a pseudoparlor out of our humble room.
i've been watching them for quite a while now and i kind of learned the basics. however, i have not the slightest interest on having my own mane dyed so opted to just write the steps instead:

step 1:
buy a hair color of your choice..

(theirs was CLAIROL NICE n EASY #45, don't ask me what it'll look like coz the user doesn't know either..hehe)

step 2

get a trash bag
and make an improvised
gown or sando (this will serve as your clothes' awesome protection from stubborn dye stains)

step 3

comb your hair and divide it into on each side and the third one on the back..use plastic blue ties for aesthetic purposes:)

it will look like this

step 4

wear the improvised gown

step 5

ask a good friend (and by that i mean the kind of good friend which wouldn't mind inhaling the strong vapor and the waiting hours) to don gloves and apply the solutions on your hair

good friend:

step 6

follow the instructions on your product leaflet...wahahaahahaha:)

after carefully and faithfully following what's written there, tadannnnnnn!!!you now have a hair shade 2 or 3 tones lighter or darker than your normal color:)


1. during the procedure, do not ever forget to turn the volume of the laptop up coz the good friend might not hear what bruno and sir manuel altamira is

2. jack en poy will be helpful. by that, you wouldn't have to argue with your good friend on the amount of dye to be applied, the thickness of hair per application, and the sequence of the procedure..

3. make sure your comfort room is clean...hehe:)