Tuesday, November 9, 2010

love actually

Jane harris to Cal Langdon:

“You distrust all women because of what one of them did to you.And that’s made you take this anti-marriage stance. But it’s not marriage that’s the problem.It’s ditzes like your ex who don’t take it seriously or get hitched for the wrong reasons or whatever. Don’t blame the institution of marriage for Valerie cheating on you. It wasn’t marriage that made her cheat. She was just a ho.”

I stumbled through this and thought that this might help you go easy on your man-hating campaign.
In your case however, the ex was a male ho. So you kinda have to twist the statement a lil and think that you're the female Cal Langdon.=0
I don't know.
I still believe that someday, someone's gonna love you(thanks nina for the words..hehe)
seriously and make you believe that love indeed exists.
I'm not telling you out of my own experience because you're right, what can a one year and a half old relationship prove?!
I was once hurt too and I admit I swore I'd never trust any guy again because they all walk with "womanizer" stamped on their foreheads.
But I met people who made me believe otherwise.
My friends at work have "to die for" relationships.
My male cousins have Long-term happy love affairs. (kudos to the three of them)
My female cousins have knee-wobbling love stories.
Maimai and John are so much in love.
Sir Arnel and Sir Chris love their wives very much.
My grandparents take care of each other in a very cute manner.
My bestfriend is head-over-heels in love with Kate.
Danreb has "mami" written all over his page.
I have friends who are in their 5th, 6th, 7th year together..
A lot of friends post statuses in FB telling the whole world who lucky they are to have their partners.
I still think that you deserve a chance to believe that people can be monogamous(for married ones) or loyal/faithful (for not yet married ones) to their partners.
Can't help it. I'm surrounded by couples who perfectly personify the characters I see in romcom flicks and in telenovelas. The ones that make me sob and go "aww..when will I ever meet this kind of guy?!"

Maybe, it's really not love that's the problem. Maybe it's those people who fall short in proving that they're in love.

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