Saturday, June 27, 2009

havin the time of my life

by the power vested upon me by the lords of hearts up above, I hereby declare myself as officially taken..hehe

but it's not like it happened last night or a week's been almost a month since I proclaimed that we're officially on.. so obviously, we're gonna be celebrating our first month very in like days soon..and yeah, i'm very excited coz I never had so much fun in a relationship like this before..honestly.

(i also know that you read my post regarding my ex who changed his status to "in a relationship" a few weeks ago. it's the reason why I said I'm not supposed to feel all huhu because after all, I've taken the first step shortly ahead of him. we just didn't let people know right away coz we didn't wanna shock everyone's nerves out knowing that my current bf and I have matchmade each other to just about every girl or boy that we know (we've been friends since high school) .yeah, knowing that my ex has gone to the geli-less phase of his life hurt but i guess that's totally normal.remember my post where I said that i was so happy?it was during those times that I finally realized that yeah, I've been looking everywhere for the guy who's gonna sweep me off my feet. I didn't know he was just right under my nose.)

oh no. don't make so much fuss about my excitement. I know pretty well that it always starts like that, all happy and giggly but yes, pessismists, you are right: eventually the sparks gonna fade in the long run. that always happens more often than not and I'd be playing hyppocrite if I'd say I don't believe in such because I've been there myself and so have thousands of my friends...

during the first few months, everything runs smoothly.. (except on the one i had with my controversial ex coz on the very first day that I said yes, we already fought.)
everything's all about roses and chocolates..
everything's all about hugs and kisses.. and yeah, that thing,lol (not applicable to me though.hehe)

but after the 6th month, everything goes topsy turvy...
differences become objects of disagreement..
egos become subjects of arguments..
pride becomes the priority..
buckets become filled with tears..
711 run out of kleenex stocks..
and food chains and ice cream parlors double their revenues..
sad but's make or break..

It's always like that but sorry, I don't wanna dwell on these negativities right now.
I mean, I'm totally havin so much fun so I deem it utterly stupid to stress myself with these possibilities in the midst of euphoria..
I just wanna enjoy everything that has to be enjoyed before we enter that dreaded phase where couples do nothing but fight and throw hurtful insults at each other.
I just wanna enjoy every lil joke that we crack on each other..
every anecdote that makes us laugh our hearts out..
every realization of each other's hidden aspects of personality..
every story in the past that we love to tell over and over and and a hundred times over again..
every sweet good morning greeting..
every lil act of concern and affection..
every memory of our friendship years that we love to reminisce..
every discussion of how our friendship evolved to a more intimate level and how it seemed so impossible years and months ago..
everything that's going on between us right now..

yes, it wouldn't be all yeheys forever but for so long as I'm having these times of my life, I'm gonna be super fine and A+++happy!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009



ham, egg and cheese sandwich + milo + fresh milk

10 am:

carbonara + real leaf (it's like c2 apple except that it's not)

lunch time:

beef with carrots and baby corn + apple juice


cheeset sticks + ketchup and mayo


hawaiian pizza

6:30 pm:

blizzard (mud pie 12 oz)

7:00 pm:

i pc chicken from kfc and coke

9:00 pm:

WORLD WAR II in my tummy

*that's what gluttons get when we lose control..

Thursday, June 18, 2009

nmiss ko kayo..

@ indecent mind

wahhhh...have lotsa things to tell you..i just don't have the luxury of time right now..but i'm gonna try writing everything down here and you could just throw all the effin words you wanna throw at me then..hehe

@ hari ng sablay

ouch talaga..kala ko ok na..hehe..pero ngayon ok na...nshock lng cguro ako nun.. dko npaghandaan.hehee

@ chase
wahhh...dunno really.. kc, i don't wanna end up bein with him nman tlga..hehe...nhirapan lng tlga ako sa pagerase ng feelings..but for the record, i LOVED him but he's a jerk..hehe

@ jelai
slmat ng mrami..d mo tlga ako iniiwan..hehe

@ ate deth

thanks po..I'm okay na..lhehe.

@ pajay

onga teacher eh, sna it's complicated muna..hehe..pra nman d nbigla mga neurons ko..hehe

@ goryo

haha..nice article..ntawa nman ako dun..sipon tlga eh noh..hehe

wow..ganda nman ng poem..salmat ha..hehe..don't worry ngumingiti nako ngayon..hehe.
san ka tinago ni lord?tgal kang d ngparamdam ah..hehe..
move on na gurl..ung mga hanging, kalimutan mo na..after all, if the guy loves you really, gagawa at gagawa ng paraan un to have you back..kung babalik xa, eh di ok..kung hndi, d ok narin atleast d nsayang time mo sa kakaasa..'s been like years since my last post..
I miss everyone na.
thanks for the in..
with all honesty, I'm proud to let y'all know that I'm very ok nah..
I didn't have a hard time accepting what happened..
thanks to my work..hehehe..
oion, nytnyt na..hahabaan ko next time..hehe

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Super Happy

clap clap..
stomp stomp..