Tuesday, July 21, 2009

saan na c geli?

Lawl. I haven't realized until now that I've been away from this world for almost a month already. I browsed your pages and I feel sad cause I cannot read everything that you have penned since my last visit. Sobrang dami na. I wish my time ako pra mkacatch up kso wala tlga.haiyz.

Anyways, thanks to ate reyane, and hari, and ate deth, and jelai, and neta, and everyone else who dropped by and left comments on my previous blahblahs..hehe..salamat for keeping my page nonnecrotic ..hehe

ok, so where am I now and what's new about me?

*I'm still in QC and working my heart out in a hospital eight and a few more hours a day, 5 days a week. That explains why I'm havin a hard time updating my blog and visiting yours. coz after work, I just eat and then doze off. And when i wake up, I'm off to work again.

*My sister has flown her way from Davao to be with me and I'm lovin the company. So on my rest days, it's either we go out together or we go out with my tita and tito and our 4 cute cousins. (another reason why I couldn't visit)hehe

*I bought 2 new pairs of scrub suits only to find out that I wouldn't be working in the area where I thought I'd be working. lawl. I just threw a few hundred pesos worth of scrubs for nothing. lawl.

*I'm officially a PICU nurse although I still lack some of the trainings required. However, our Nurse Unit Manager already said that we could take care of it along the way so I feel no worries nemore. I'm just happy that I belong to one of the best units in our hosp. I wish I'd stay there for good. Please pray for me.

*my boyfriend and I are having the best times of our lives although we're technically islands away from each other. I really couldn't ask for more. We're already nearing our second monthsary but we haven't had a single fight yet. How's that for a start?hehe. I really thought this is going to be difficult coz the last LDR I had was a total mess but man, was I wrong. I'm actually loving it coz even though he's on the southern part of this archipelago, he doesn't make me feel unwanted, betrayed, cheated and fooled. I always know where he's at even though I don't ask him. He calls everytime he's not at work and even when he's out with his friends and 75% of our total call time, we're laughing. btw, his girl cousin just texted me this morning to say that his mom was happy for us. weeee...and yeah, I'm gonna end this paragraph right now otherwise I'd end up writing a thousand more words.

*I still see Mar Roxas's face on TV and everytime I do, I feel like puking but of course I could not because I am in my patients' rooms. that's how Busy I've been for the past month. I can only catch a glimpse of what's on boob when I'm giving out medicines or changing IV fluids. pathetic.lawl.hehe

I guess that's all..
jelai, I heard u've been sick. hope you're well already.
Bye fow now..Til my next hop. muah!